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assistance with social and community participation

Inclusive Social and Community Participation

Develop your physical and intellectual strength through collaboration and connection. Our assistance with social and community participation fosters fun, friendships and cultural sensitivity.

Did you know there is a direct correlation between how connected you feel to others and your physical and mental health? Psychological and medical research has demonstrated this conclusively. Our emotional well-being can be shattered without social connections and a robust support system. 

At Care Takers WA, we know the importance of having a sense of belonging. Our social support gets you out of the house and into the community, giving you easy access to engage in activities. 

Social Activities for Disabled People

Humans are built for meaningful social contact. There are serious consequences when we don’t get enough. It’s hard to stay on track mentally and it compromises our bodies physically. 


When you live with disabilities, socialising in society can be more challenging. At some point, loneliness and feeling a lack of support may kick in. It’s our job to understand your concerns and connect you to people, activities and experiences that positively impact your life. 


Through personalised assistance with social and community participation, you can join a range of recreational and group activities. 


The benefits include:


  • Connect to like-minded people in your community

  • Interact and exchange ideas

  • Learn and develop your personal skills

  • Actively engage in community life

  • Meet your unique preferences and needs

  • Enhance your quality of life

assistance with social and community participation ndis
ndis social and community participation

Helping You Make (and Keep) Connections

Making and maintaining connections means different things to different people. It could be forming new friendships, finding skill-building activities or networking for employment opportunities. Maybe you want to find local services for extra support or attend regular coffee catch-ups at your local cafe. We connect you with your community according to what you want to achieve. 


Our social support program creates a communal interaction between those with disabilities and the community. We provide a platform for networking with people of the same age and needs and arrange accommodation stays with host families.

Social interactions help by:


  • Offering safe and inclusive environments to interact in

  • Building better networks and support systems

  • Reducing long-term reliance on others 

  • Keeping mental health issues at bay, such as anxiety, depression and loneliness 

  • Encouraging community diversity

  • Aiding in social, community and workplace participation 

  • Feeling more confident and comfortable in social settings

  • Increasing emotional awareness and self-regulation

assistance with social and community participation

Multicultural Inclusion for a Diverse Range of Activities

Different cultural backgrounds can impact how people experience and cope with disabilities. Our personalised activities and care plans consider this, ensuring you have the right support worker and environment for you. 


We have multilingual carers from diverse cultural backgrounds for an effective and respected service. 


What would you like to do?


  • Nature walks

  • Relax at the beach

  • Watch movies or concerts

  • Social gatherings

  • Join a sports club 

  • Visit the library

  • Take a cooking, art or music class

  • Experience a new environment

  • Attend a personal development course

  • Go on a holiday or camp

  • Learn computer skills with tech-related activities 

Finding You the Right Social and Community Support

ndis social and community participation

How to Access Social and Community Participation

Get assistance with social and community participation with Care Takers WA. 


Our support workers provide you with the perfect platform to meet and interact with others by planning, organising and facilitating community activities. We have efficient transport to pick you up and take you out, allowing interactions with people from different backgrounds with various needs and without hassle. 


You can create memories, travel to new places and explore. 


How we assist you:


  • Help you feel at ease with socialising

  • Organise recreational and leisure activities for you

  • Connect you to a host family 

  • Find short and long-term accommodation that suits your needs

  • Support worker to accompany you to activities

  • Maximum utilisation of your NDIS funding

  • Experienced and empathic support staff

  • Transparent NDIS-compliant pricing

ndis social and community participation

Social and Community Participation on the NDIS

Community participation directly influences the behaviour and attitude of people with disabilities. 


With Core Support as part of your NDIS plan, you can get flexible funding for assistance with social and community participation. If you have Capacity Building, this covers social and community funding for specific activities and skill-building. 

Care Takers WA assistance with social and community participation

Our Simple 3-Step Process



Identify your needs

First, we interact with you to understand your specific needs, then design an appropriate approach. This includes a question and answer session with our skilled and experienced staff where we determine your hobbies and what you do and don’t like. We work with you to assess your goals and address your needs. 



Find tailored activities

Now we’ve spoken, we can find activities best suited to your lifestyle and ability. If there’s anything you want to try, let us know. Otherwise, we can suggest options and help you choose one that’s the right fit for you.



Learn and engage

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to try new activities. We can help you realise your potential and abilities, providing you with the materials and resources for your activities and helping you learn new ideas and skills.

Whether you want to learn independently or have a support worker mentor you, our services are flexible and meet a broad scope of needs. At Care Takers WA, we connect you to a support system that assures you always have a shoulder to lean on. 

Do you need specific support or are unsure where to begin?

We’re here to help. 

assistance with social and community participation ndis
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