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Living Services

Live a fulfilled life no matter your condition. Our personalised disability support care puts you and your loved one’s needs first, at home and within the community. 

Make the most of your NDIS support with essential nursing and disability services. Care Takers WA connects you with carers who really care, giving you control and independence to guide your journey. Rather than spending time finding different support services, we save you time by eliminating the need to source multiple providers.


From registered community nursing to community participation and home help, our supported independent living services in Perth are designed to build lifelong skills and align you and your family with the best options. 


Find your solution below.

community nursing perth

Community Nursing

Qualified help when you need it the most. Whether you’re being discharged from hospital and need in-home support, or a nurse to manage chronic conditions and medication, community nursing services are the best way to prevent illness for a happier and healthier life. 

We offer exceptional care, enabling you to increase independence and access your healthcare needs. All of our nurses are registered and can support your ongoing condition or disability. We also liaise with your family and healthcare providers, including surgeons, GPs and specialists to ensure you have the appropriate care. 


Tasks we help with include:


  • Wound and catheter care

  • Medication management

  • Advanced in-home disability support care

  • Fall risk assessments

  • Palliative care

  • Diabetes management

  • Personal care 

  • Blood pressure, pulse and temperature monitoring 

assistance with daily life ndis

We understand these tasks can be challenging to manage on your own. Our supported independent living services help you to become more self-reliant and achieve your everyday goals.


Get support with:


  • Managing your health

  • Regular exercise

  • Self-care including personal hygiene, cooking and cleaning

  • Shopping lists and budgets

  • Money planning

  • Transport and recreational activities

  • Community connections

  • Building and maintaining relationships

Assistance with Daily Life

Living with a disability shouldn’t stop you from gaining independence and learning new skills. We provide support workers to assist with daily living, so you can get the most out of life. This includes running errands, household duties and personal care.

respite care perth

Respite care in Perth

Respite care is an excellent solution for preventing burnout and tending to the needs of you and your loved one. Respite enables time out for you, while encouraging social interaction and a positive change of scenery for the person you care for. 

During respite, your family member will receive high-quality support. Our qualified team puts them in capable and caring hands, allowing you to rest and recharge. We provide planned care or emergency respite with flexible backup support around the clock. 


The types of respite we offer are:


  • In-home respite for scheduled and short-notice caregiving 

  • Centre-based day respite 

  • Overnight and weekend care

  • Community access respite for outings and social experiences

  • Residential care eg: aged care homes

  • Emergency respite

  • Transition care for hospital discharge

assistance with daily personal activities ndis

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

When household chores build up, it can cause more stress and health issues. We provide home help to keep you on track and assist with domestic activities, physiotherapy and mobility. 

If you need access to shared living or support with tasks at home, our services empower you to handle daily activities independently or with minimal assistance. 


Home help ensures:


  • Comfortable living despite your condition

  • Improved health and social wellbeing 

  • Training and development of domestic skills

  • Supported independent living in Perth

  • Assistance with making meals, arranging bed, gardening and cleaning

  • Education about how shared living works

  • Provision of specialised equipment for household tasks

assistance with social and community participation

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

At Care Takers WA, we understand social support plays an essential role in overall health. Low levels of social connection are associated with poor physical and mental outcomes, even more so for those with a disability. 

It’s important to have this sense of belonging. That’s why our social services comprise community and civil activities that link people with a disability to one another. By understanding your interests and needs, we help you build a strong support system and step you out of your comfort zone. 


Our disability support care includes:


  • Personalised plans and recreational activities

  • Teamwork and collaboration in comfortable settings 

  • Community access and participation 

  • Personal development

  • Social and sporting groups 

  • Meaningful and lasting friendships

  • The right platform to meet and interact with people

Maximise Your Independence

Care Takers WA puts your needs and goals first, so you can get the most from your NDIS plan. We’re here to help you manage your medical essentials, learn new skills and enjoy life - safely and independently.  

Find a local support worker today. 

supported independent living
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