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assistance with daily life ndis

Assistance with Daily Life 

Get help with your regular activities and streamline routines. By developing your skills, you can become more self-reliant and make daily living easier. 

Do you need support with everyday tasks? Personal care, running errands and household duties such as food preparation and cleaning can be challenging to manage on your own - but having a disability shouldn’t stop you from living more independently. At Care Takers WA, we’re here to help. Our support workers provide tailored solutions to improve your routine, lifestyle and goals.

Personalised Plans for Specific Support

Maybe you want to get better at the tasks you’re already doing, or you’re keen to start learning and achieving more. Tend to your garden. Go food shopping. Collect the mail. Use public transport or try a new hobby. Regardless of your goals, we help you grow and meet your needs.


Together, we’ll create skill development plans that specifically support your disability. 


Our assistance with daily life NDIS services instil confidence, restoring your independence at home and in social settings.  

assistance with daily living ndis
Care Takers WA assistance with daily life ndis

Simplify Your Regular Routine

Complicated routines can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. We simplify your daily tasks, creating more time for you to enjoy life. If you need help showering, getting in and out of bed or using money, our team provides the level of support you prefer with dignity and professionalism. 


We help with activities such as:


  • Increasing your mobility

  • Dressing and toileting

  • Personal hygiene

  • Cooking, cleaning and household maintenance 

  • Budgeting and shopping


Ask us about our daily living assistance with your NDIS funding.

assistance with daily life ndis

Why Are Daily Life Skills Essential?

There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving your goals. We understand the importance of performing daily tasks and maintaining the skills many take for granted. With our NDIS daily life services, you can get the most out of life no matter your disability. 

Get Assistance with Daily Living on the NDIS

assistance with daily life ndis

Health and Nutrition

Maintaining quality of life starts with good nutrition, self-care and exercise. Without these, it’s hard to live a healthy life and meet your disability needs. We offer various services to support you in managing your health so you can feel fit and fabulous. 


From medication management to accompanying you at medical appointments, we follow best prescription administration practices and coordinate with your doctors to increase outcomes. 


You’ll get:


  • Expert advice to improve your health

  • Personalised guidance to understand your body’s needs

  • Nutrition research and education

assistance with daily living ndis

Personal Care

Healthy hygiene starts with daily habits. Showering, brushing your hair and teeth, using deodorant and getting dressed can increase your happiness, health and confidence. Our team support you with your self-care, offering various services to keep you clean and well-groomed.

development life skills ndis

Money and Budgeting

When you’re financially independent, you have more time to focus on other areas of your life. We support you by setting up and navigating bank accounts, ensuring you have access to the right services. 


Our team assists with:


  • Money planning

  • Effective budgeting

  • Paying bills

  • Enhancing your financial security

ndis assistance with daily living


At Care Takers WA, we know the importance of community involvement. Shopping encourages self-reliance and gives you an opportunity to interact with the community.


Our support team can help plan your shopping and to-do lists and allocate budgets. If you need someone to take you to the shops, we’ll be there every step of the way. This ensures you get what you need, while teaching valuable life skills like handling money and engaging with the public.

skill development for disabled

Home Support

Whether you need extra support or prefer not to do specific tasks, our friendly carers take the pressure off with domestic aid. We can keep you engaged and active with your household chores or do them on your behalf - it’s up to you.


We’ll help run your home more efficiently and support you with:


  • Washing, ironing and cleaning

  • Preparing meals and cooking

  • Lawn mowing and garden maintenance 

  • Making the bed and changing linen

  • Paying bills on time


Make your life easier by letting us handle the tasks that are difficult to manage. 

skill development activities for disabled


Find the perfect recreational hobby to keep you active and engaged. If you’re stuck in the same routine or want to try something new, we connect you with capacity-building activities that spark skills and friendships. 


Do you love mini golf, wildlife walks or playing board games? Have you wanted to try a cooking or pottery class? Or arts and crafts or music therapy? Whether you need creative hobbies or skill-building sessions, we’ll find a suitable activity and people to share your passion with.

skill development for persons with disabilities

Community Connections

Friendships are a fundamental human need. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing community connections and making social inclusion easier. Our support workers can take you out one-on-one or connect you to a group with similar interests. 


It could be a walking activity, shopping or playing sports. Maybe you want to join a reading group, see live music or go to the movies. Engaging in your local community creates like-minded connections and a sense of belonging. If you feel uncomfortable meeting new people, don’t worry. We can take the lead and assist you in making the most of community participation.

skill development plan disability


Using public transport can be daunting with a disability. If you need help getting around, we have flexible transportation services so you can come and go as you please. Our reliable team can teach you how to use public transport, familiarise you with different travel options and ensure you get to your appointments and activities on time. 


Nurture your independence with us today.

skill development plan disability


Regular exercise increases your mobility, stimulates social interactions and reduces the risk of injury. Even a short walk keeps your body healthy. With an exercise regime, you can prevent problems such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. But let’s face it - finding the time or motivation isn’t always easy. 


That’s where we come in. Our support workers help:


  • Boost your energy levels

  • Increase your fitness via personalised activities 

  • Improve your health, mobility and motivation 

  • Make time for exercise you enjoy

assistance with daily life ndis


Building meaningful relationships is critical to increasing emotional support, reducing stress and enhancing your wellbeing. Assistance with daily life NDIS services can help with social interactions, communication and forming relationships. We connect you with friends, family, support workers, carers and communities for lasting relationships that enrich your life. 

Live your best life, your way.

Unsure where to begin? Care Takers WA work with you to maximise your day-to-day life through specialised support. Find purpose in your day, discover new activities and meet different people. No matter your needs we can be your shoulder to lean on. 

We're here to help.

assistance with daily life ndis
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