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Community Nursing Perth

Restore your health, without giving up your independence. High-quality help to strengthen your self-care and meet your disability and healthcare needs.

Community nursing supports chronic conditions and clinical care outside of the hospital. If you live with a disability or complex medical needs, getting the support and attention you deserve is important. Care Takers WA is a qualified community nursing agency that improves your quality of life through the best care possible. We track your health, prevent sickness and reduce hospital visits. 


Feeling good in your body is essential for everyone. Whether you need help after a hospital stay or disability support, we deliver optimum care with compassion and sensitivity for more self-sufficient living. 

Care Takers WA helps NDIS participants lead more meaningful lives. Based in Perth, we work with you, your loved ones and your healthcare providers to create a culture of inclusion, giving you the skills and self-motivation to live life how you choose. 

Find the right support for your needs with thoughtful planning and individualised services. Care Takers WA’s experienced carers are committed to putting your preferences and ambitions first. We connect you to the support you deserve through flexible disability services that empower independence.

What is Community Nursing?

Community nursing is a specialised branch that provides healthcare services to NDIS participants and community members. 


Our registered nurses work with you in different settings, including health centres, schools, GP clinics and aged care facilities. We can support you in the comfort of your home, ensuring access to preventative and personalised care when needed. 


Community nursing is a support service funded by the NDIS. Its primary focus is to create a wholesome community by facilitating healthy behaviours and wellbeing. 

ndis community nursing
Care Takers WA community nursing

We deliver inclusive and qualified care, providing 24/7 assistance with:

  • Medication administration and supervision

  • Complex wound care

  • PEG feeding 

  • Catheter and incontinence care

  • Diabetes management

  • Personal care and hygiene 

  • Monitoring vitals e.g. blood pressure, pulse, temperature and sugar levels

  • Respiratory support

  • Hospital stay after-care

  • Overnight nursing support

  • Illnesses, diseases, injuries and post-operative care

  • Dementia management 

  • Complex bowel care

  • Fall risk assessments 

  • Palliative care

  • General wellbeing check

  • Advanced disability care

  • Nutrition management

  • Preventative care

  • Planning your health maintenance with personalised care plans

  • Education for participants and their families

community nursing agency

Your Care is Our Priority

You shouldn’t have to worry about commuting when you feel unwell. That’s why our nurses come to you, supporting your health and medical needs in your most comfortable setting. 


Our certified nurses know how to make your needs a priority, giving you accurate guidance, practical strategies and ongoing collaboration for better outcomes. We’re experienced in providing support you can depend on with CALD sensitivity. 


If you speak or connect with a language other than English, our multilingual team ensures your needs are heard, understood and met. We’re culturally competent and focused on delivering community nursing in Perth that respects every individual’s language and cultural needs. 


You can reach our clinical nurses whenever you need support. We also liaise with family and healthcare providers, including surgeons, GPs and other specialists to give you the appropriate care.

Benefits of NDIS Community Nursing Services

Community nursing can make a significant difference for someone with a disability. 

There are many benefits to engaging with a community nursing agency including:

Better mental health:  Gain positive mental health and wellbeing benefits

Prevent health problems: Being proactive helps to avoid diseases and severe health issues 

Stay at home: By accessing community nursing, you can live at home longer, stay close to your support network and be engaged in your local community

A supportive relationship: Having a community nurse visit means you get to know the person providing care, making you more comfortable with their support 

Peace of mind: Focus on enjoying a happy and healthy life, while we care for you in a familiar environment 

Empowerment and inclusion: A collaborative approach with your community nurse empowers you to engage in your care journey and social settings

Empowerment and inclusion: A collaborative approach with your community nurse empowers you to engage in your care journey and social settings

Be educated about your health: Master simple tasks with support and learn how to care for your needs

Receive quality and affordable care: Everyday professional support from a qualified community nurse 

Goal setting: With our support, you can set and work towards your personal goals


NDIS Community Nursing FAQs

Learn more about community nursing in Perth. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us for more information.

  • Is NDIS community nursing funded?
    Your NDIS plan must include Capacity Building support for community nursing to be funded. These services help NDIS participants manage disability-related conditions and must be delivered by an NDIS-registered professional. Check what supports are funded by the NDIS.
  • When is community nursing critical?
    NDIS community nursing services may be critical in the following situations: When you need 24/7 nursing care After a hospital stay or surgery When you’re recuperating after an illness or disability-related flare-up When you need specialised medical attention and nursing care
  • Can NDIS pay for medication?
    The NDIS doesn’t fund medications, general medical and dental treatment or surgical procedures.
  • What therapies are covered by the NDIS?
    The NDIS covers a range of therapies and health services including: Allied health therapies Personal care to assist with daily disability-related needs Prosthetics and artificial limbs Disability-related aids and equipment Therapeutic and behavioural supports Home modifications

Our Community Nursing Agency Difference

Care Takers WA offers professional community nursing in Perth. We’re respectful of all cultures, sensitive to all situations and skilled with all health-related needs. When you choose us, our empathetic team help you to feel at ease. By providing support in your native language, we foster a stronger caregiver and client relationship.

Not sure where to start?

We’re here to help. 

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