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assistance with daily personal activities ndis

Assistance with Daily Tasks and Home Help  

Regular tasks keep your muscles moving, your mind happy and your body healthy. Our home help for people with disabilities allows you to gain assistance with self-care activities and qualified NDIS support.

Daily domestic tasks and mobility activities can make a huge difference in feeling better about yourself. If your ability to carry out tasks declines, our dedicated carers will address your support needs and ensure your regular routine is manageable and achievable.

Regardless of your disability or cultural background, we provide expert and empathetic guidance so you’re heard, understood and valued. 

Make Your Day More Comfortable and Complete 

Assistance with daily personal activities helps NDIS participants with complex conditions with higher support needs. This service is customised to your preferences and requirements, giving you more comfort in living your life.

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Care Takers WA assistance with daily personal activities ndis
assistance with self care activities ndis

Everyday Support to Maximise Your Independence

Develop the ability you need to boost your self-esteem and have a successful future. Our assistance with self-care activities is funded by the NDIS for everyday help relating to your disability. Flexible, safe and convenient.

At Care Takers WA, we’re determined to provide you with high-quality support to attain your social and personal needs. Depending on your goals, we develop a program to suit your lifestyle and build your independent living skills. 

What services does NDIS Home Help include?

Our home help for people with disabilities is divided into three main categories. Domestic activities, mobility and physiotherapy. These are designed to increase your ability, with shared living accommodation services to further support NDIS participants.

home help for people with disabilities

Domestic Activities

Don’t let your domestic tasks become a chore. Our trained carers and support workers are here to help, enabling you to have a healthy and happy experience at home. Our activities address any difficulties you may have with domestic tasks. We’ll visit your home for scheduled or last-minute support. 

Our culturally competent carers handle:

  • Household management

  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

  • Washing the dishes

  • Laundry and clothes care

  • Waste disposal

  • Vacuuming and floor cleaning

  • Sweeping and cleaning of pavements and footpaths

  • Garden maintenance and watering

Additionally, we also assist with self-care activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming. Our staff are trained to properly and safely administer medication, and use hoists and peg feed. If you need help with food preparation, housekeeping or daily health monitoring, we ensure you get the right support in the best possible way. 

We can coordinate your healthcare and liaise with doctors. In case of abnormalities in your  regular health checks, we’ll refer you for the appropriate medical assessment and facilitate any appointments and hospital visits. Our team of enrolled and registered NDIS nurses provide disability care in the comfort of your home and within the community.

assist personal activities ndis

Mobility Activities

Make daily life easier and move around more comfortably. If you have movement difficulties, it shouldn’t stop you from living independently. We have specialised and experienced support workers who help you easily access your services, while helping to navigate mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers. 


Our home help for people with disabilities includes:


  • Transport services fitted with specialised machines and equipment 

  • Ambulance support on standby for emergencies 

  • Comfortable and safe transportation 

  • Facilitating travel to and from healthcare appointments

  • Providing a conducive environment for better outcomes 

  • Education on how to use assistive devices

By moving more, you gain mood-boosting benefits that foster long-term functionality. Mobility activities like walking, gardening and swimming also improve heart and lung health. We can take you to our gardening facilities for a change of scenery or help you manage yours at home. 

Our assistance with daily personal activities addresses your physical, emotional and cognitive needs.

assistance with self care activities ndis

Shared Living

Find accommodation that aligns with your disability, lifestyle and stay duration. Shared living assistance helps you overcome barriers affecting residency or exploring and obtaining housing. You’ll access suitable accommodation, allowing you to live independently while building skills and meeting goals. 


We’ve partnered with families around Australia who take in patients and accommodate them in their homes. We also have access to rented houses in Aubin Grove, creating shared living options in a family setup. The support within each home and rental varies based on your needs. 


Our services include:


  • Family-style shared living for patients with autism and other developmental disabilities

  • Comfortable and homely settings

  • Registered nurses and carers for managing and monitoring your health progress

  • One-on-one support to meet your specific housing goals

  • Education about how shared living works

At Care Takers WA, we customise our NDIS services to support every participant. All activities are structured to empower independence and progress, ensuring new heights with your health and social wellbeing.

Let’s make a change and maximise your potential today.

Contact our friendly and experienced team to navigate your options

assistance with daily personal activities ndis
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