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disability services in perth

Personalised Disability Services that Empower Independence

Enhance your quality of life with Care Takers WA. We make holistic disability support accessible, so you and your loved ones can quickly get the solutions you deserve. Let’s make self-care the best care.

Care Takers WA is a team of registered nurses and NDIS support workers who help you live the life you want - safely and independently. Whether at home or in the community, our disability services in Perth are tailored to your lifestyle and give you the peace of mind you need. 

Are you:

An NDIS participant wanting local support?

A caregiver struggling to balance responsibilities and personal commitments?

Living with a disability and needing personalised care?

Looking for a hassle-free way to navigate the NDIS?

Access self-motivating support systems to drive your ambitions and live a fulfilled life. Our multilingual team provide a safe and family-friendly environment while upholding dignity and respect.

Transparent Disability Support Services in Perth

At Care Takers WA, we’re committed to delivering inclusive care for people with disabilities. We know that inner strength defines ability. So our support services are focused on giving you the confidence and skills to live and socialise in the most comfortable way possible.

transparent disability support services
community nursing perth

Community Nursing

NDIS community nursing encourages a healthy lifestyle and prevents illness. You can access our certified and experienced nursing services in various settings, including GP clinics, schools, aged care facilities and community health centres. Our registered nurses help with chronic conditions, medication management, wound and catheter care, incontinence, fall risk assessment and more. 

assistance with daily life ndis

Assistance with Daily Living

Develop your life skills and streamline your regular duties. We provide support for everyday essentials, including cooking, cleaning, shopping, exercising and self-care. If you need help getting around, managing money or dressing yourself, we can work with you to make daily living easier. Our disability support services are safe, scheduled and convenient.

respite care perth

High Quality Respite Care

Caregiving is rewarding when it helps someone you love in need, but being a carer can be physically and emotionally draining. In-home respite puts your loved one in capable and caring hands, allowing you to recharge and take time for yourself. Whether you need one-off or regular intervals of respite, our NDIS care is flexible and personalised to meet both your needs. 

assistance with daily personal activities ndis

Daily Household Tasks and Home Help

Care Takers WA can help you achieve your goals around the house and in the community. Our passionate support workers assist with chores, mobility support, gardening and shared living accommodation. Home help ensures you are comfortable despite your disability. These activities improve your health and happiness, supporting you with transport, meal preparation, cleaning, washing and home maintenance. 

assistance with social and community participation

Social and Community Participation

Living with a disability can make social interaction confronting. Maybe you or your loved one feels isolated and lonely, craving a sense of belonging. Our social support connects you with meaningful interactions inside your community and improves your self-esteem and mental wellness. We create personalised plans and adapt activities to your strengths, preferences and needs.

Our Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Difference (CALD)

Cultural context is crucial in providing relevant and practical disability support. Our staff are culturally competent, respecting and embracing traditions, beliefs and values that shape the lives of those we help. Everyone should feel understood, supported and valued. 


With Care Takers WA, you have a team of multilingual professionals who speak numerous languages. This sets us apart as a disability service in Perth, ensuring individuals and families from diverse cultural backgrounds are heard and can communicate their needs comfortably.

cultural and linguistic diversity difference

Why choose us?

Care Takers WA is an NDIS disability support service provider in Australia. Formed in 2021 by registered nurses Gee and Sharon, our business is driven by a deep sense of compassion. We’re committed to strengthening the lives of people with disabilities and making a positive impact. 

Our promise to you:

Transparent disability support services

Reliable NDIS support that prioritises cultural inclusion and social interaction 

Experienced and empathetic support workers

Customised and self-motivating solutions

Registered nurses with CALD-sensitivity care

Flexible scheduling to reduce stress and make holistic support accessible

Connecting You to the Disability Services that Matter Most

Navigating NDIS services can be overwhelming. Care Takers WA connects you to the options best aligned with your needs and aspirations via comprehensive support packages. From coordinating healthcare and community access to skill development and sparking social connections, we simplify the process for families and eliminate the need to source different providers.

Contact our team today and discover a holistic approach to care. 

disability support services
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